Laura Reilly

She pulled it off with this classic solution.
SJP, Kate Middleton, and Ana de Armas are all fans — but you won’t find Holmes’s style anywhere else.
Probably because of this one weirdly sexy detail.
Coincidentally, she wore them to go shopping at Nordstrom.
Nearly 16,000 people swear by this $8 eyelash tool.
She's got the outfit formula to make them work.
Her rare outing also featured a $150 coat that’s somehow not totally sold out yet.
They're the same pair she wore to Biden's inauguration, although admittedly with a bit more coverage that time.
And they're miraculously both still in stock.
We are once again asking you to recognize this fashion icon.
And you can shop the unique style for as little as $9.
Comfy, easy, and celeb-approved? Done, done, and done.
It's a brilliant new way to think about our winter wardrobes.