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Louis C.K., Dave Chappelle, and Kevin Hart are all nominated and honestly what is going on?
I really shouldn't have needed a celebrity hairstylist to teach me this, but oh well!
He sets up shop in his ex-wife's living room surrounded by "brilliant women," and nary a child or toy in sight. 
The former What Not to Wear host is now the CEO of personal care brand State Of — and it was a painful and traumatic early menopause experience that pushed her into this pivot.
The Nine Perfect Strangers actor shares tales of pandemic parenting and why he's starting to be a lot more choosy about his work.
The Democrat from Hawaii loves BTS, cats, Japanese television, and when Republicans stop blocking her work toward a more just future for the United States.
The What Not to Wear host isn’t on TV anymore. Or in fashion. Or dating men. 
Your first fashion crush never goes away - but also her looks are very Summer 2021.
Read on for Mother's Day gifts that say, I know everything is terrible and this won’t begin to fix it.
The planet's boldest allies are its youngest residents. Listen to what they have to say about protecting the future.
She’s exploring the crisis facing American moms — herself included.
The co-founder of the African American Policy Forum invented intersectionality; now she says we can all "demand a fuller, more vibrant existence — one based on justice and not just comfort."
Parties, Prague, and a Hollywood film paved the way for the beauty ambassadors and Mank co-stars to bond.
She served just under two months.
Phase I reopening was supposed to be like driving in a 25 mile-per-hour zone, says the White House’s Coronavirus Response Coordinator. That’s not what happened.
As soon as news broke of Kobe Bryant’s death, the Internet began fighting over whether he was “good” or “bad.” We could all do better.
State of Skin is our monthlong exploration of what women love, hate, and need to know about their skin — from the most common concerns to the best kept secrets in beauty.
Watch this space for exclusive, behind-the-scenes access to the Hollywood event of the year (in our opinion).
“Say what you will — I don’t have to listen,” she says. Here, how she keeps herself safe from the internet’s ills.
Sandy Hook Promise released a short video that puts a typically exciting time of year in stark relief against the terror too many American children experience.
"It's like Halloween and Mardi Gras got married and had a threesome with the Met Ball. Everyone is so creative and daring."
It was supposed to be a limited series, and it probably should’ve stayed that way.
Here's the good news and the bad news.