Laura Brown

She's releasing a novel, she's watching sci-fi shows, she's making a tasty angel-hair pasta — she's "extraordinarily proud" of the work she's done, and she is far from through.
The star of Nine Perfect Strangers talks making a home in Australia, 10 years of Bridesmaids, and the Thunder Force costume fitting that went awry.
Following her Golden Globe-nominated turn as Margaret Thatcher in The Crown, the irreverent actress, mom, and "shag specialist" is at the peak of her powers.
Like a pied piper of soul, multitalented musician and The Late Show bandleader Jon Batiste attracts an audience wherever he goes.
The acting great shares her thoughts on community, humanity, and where we go from here.
According to Moms Demand Action founder Shannon Watts, gun safety is an issue that Trump has all wrong — especially when it comes to suburban women.
The actress opens up about taking on two life-changing roles this year: Wonder Woman’s nemesis, and new mom.
Amid ongoing global protests and the creation of Black Lives Matter Plaza in Washington, D.C., Tometi is feeling "vindicated" — and more badass  than ever before.
One of today’s real constants? Drew Barrymore’s optimism. And with a new daytime talk show this fall, she will continue to spread it around.
In her editor's letter for our June issue, Laura Brown takes readers through the process of pulling together a magazine in these uncertain times.
When the fashion industry fumbles, this educator and advocate shows it the way forward.
Valentino’s Pierpaolo Piccioli creates fashion dreams, but his greatest power is being himself.
In her March editor's letter, editor-in-chief Laura Brown argues it's time to shine a light on passionate, fearless, and talented women who are forces for good.
With an activist spirit and charisma to spare, Tarana Burke is propelling #MeToo from the headlines back into the community.
"The question is how long I can do it for, but I wouldn’t trade any of this for anything in the world," Maddow tells InStyle of the toll of keeping up with the news.
"With so much information out there, it can be really scary. Everyone has to find their own process. It’s important to do what works for you."
She’s famed for a ’20s bob and flapper dresses on Downton Abbey. So who would have guessed Michelle Dockery's secret fashion fetish is grunge?
An entertainment icon, a keen communicator, and a feminist before it was fashionable, Alan Alda has an enduring wisdom that can teach us all new lessons.
"Other people are off doing things like having a girls’ weekend. I don’t have that because I go home. I want to be with my children and my husband."
"Raising kids gave me enough street cred to feel like I deserved the right to make money."
"Women, in particular, are very thoughtful about things and never say, 'Oh, me first.' But we have to start thinking that way a little bit more."
"I don’t trust anyone. Dating’s hard. I mean, I love sex. I love the power of emotional connection via physicality. Who doesn’t? ... But love is scary."
"I feel like I know how to use my voice now. Being too scared to communicate just gets in the way of the work."
The congressman talks about the power of positive thinking — and getting into “good trouble.”