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Katie Donbavand

Katie Donbavand is blessed to live in the same timeline as Kim Namjoon. She is a Chicago-based writer whose big loves include vintage leather jackets, short stories, and her rescue Pomeranian Gizmo. Katie is InStyle's BTS Editor and followed by Barack Obama on Twitter so she's obviously worth a follow. Find her on Twitter and Instagram (and DM her your bias).

My heart? Melted. My sanity? Gone. My bias? Grammy-nominated.
I will sue you, Grammy-nominated Min Yoongi.
Fact: Everyone’s in love with Hobi.
Since Jungkook is too hard to gift wrap, here are our other favorite Bangtan presents.
Happy Birthday, Grammy-Nominated #1 Billboard Singer Jin!
Between "Dynamite," the VMAs, Tiny Tan, and BTS in the SOOP, the group is here to save our 2020.
Meet your gift list savior: the foodie subscription box. These boxes are as close to magic as you can get. Firstly, food subscription boxes are the definition of a one-size-fits-all gift—they are total crowd-pleasers. Your cool friend who has everything, your long-distant aunt, your go-to couple friends, the neighbors who always check in on your cat when you're on vacation—all of those hard-to-buy-for people would love a box full of gourmet goodies delivered to their door. Secondly, they are the perfect last minute gift since they don't seem like a last minute gift. Even if you order the food subscription box the day before your holiday party, the lucky giftee still has to wait until January for the first monthly shipment to kick in (how very thoughtful and sneaky of you!).  PHOTOS: We Found Gifts for EVERYONE on Your List Read on to see our favorite food subscription boxes available right now. As you shop and polish off your gift list, we dare you not to get one for yourself, too! RELATED VIDEO: Victoria's Secret Models Reveal Their Post-Show Splurges
Slice, dice, brew, and bake! Their kitchens really deserve these ah-mazing cooking gifts, gadgets, and essentials.
Something old, something new, something borrowed, and something blue may be the traditional bridal good luck charms— but a few extra-lucky brides have also walked down the aisle with something VIP. PHOTOS: 100 Memorable Celebrity Wedding Moments That's right: Some brides get to party down at the bachelorette bash with Lauren Conrad, or get Lady Gaga to swap out her couture for a standard-issue (but very pretty) bridesmaid gown. Stars like Sarah Jessica Parker and Rihanna, stood as bridesmaids for their assistants while others, such as Lena Dunham and Gaga, supported their childhood besties on their Big Day. Read on to see which stars said, "I do," to bridesmaid duty.  PHOTOS: Go Naked with These Gorgeous Unfrosted Wedding Cakes
We're in the home stretch of winter. The holidays have come and gone, and the low temps plus cranked-up thermostats mean it's open season for chapped lips and parched skin. Enter: the humidifier. The handy device can help cure the dry spots, dullness, and irritation that are hallmarks of dehydrated skin by adding a dose of much-needed moisture to the air. They're especially important to soothing eczema-prone skin and restoring super-dry sinuses. For all the good they do, humidifiers get a bad rap for being pragmatic (translation: ugly) appliances. Fit to serve, but best tucked away behind a plant or bookshelf, out of sight. To buck that notion, we rounded up 16 beautiful humidifiers that will help remedy your dry skin problems and look chic enough to display proudly in your home.
We're living in a golden age of eco-friendly cleaners right now. Seriously! We're hitting that (all-natural) sweet spot where technology is catching up to meet the consumer demands for green cleaning. Instead of having to choose between harsh, chemical laden, bad-for-the-planet cleaners or all-natural products that only kinda sorta work, there's a plethora of guilt-free, pro-green cleansers that will scrub every inch of your home—yes, even your toilet.  To help you take the green clean plunge, we rounded up 12 of our favorite hard-on-grime, easy-on-the-planet cleaners. 
Because the only thing more American than football is BBQ sauce.
Change your shower curtain, change your life!
Cooking is all well and good—until it's 8 p.m. on a Wednesday night and you're simultaneously starving and hustling to mince and braise while your stomach growls louder than a freight train. In those moments, any tool that will shave minutes off dinner's estimated time of arrival is basically some Dumbledore-level magic. Short-on-patience chefs, take note: Magic is real, at least when it comes to kitchenware. These handy gadgets have the power to help you summon a meal more quickly than you could ever imagine. Here, 13 time-saving tools that will save dinner—and your sanity. 
Because the another Polar Vortex year means staying in is the new going out.
Because "living your best life" includes owning a suitcase you can be proud of.
We're almost there, you guys: 2016, aka the year we all died inside, is almost over. New Year's Eve is a few weeks away and, since the end is in sight, it's time to do something absolutely epic to celebrate (after all, we survived it! Almost!). This New Year's Eve, round up your squad and book a FOMO-inducing, bucket list-ticking vacation to celebrate the end of this exhausting year. Don't let 2016 end with a whimper. It deserves to go out in a Champagne-soaked, laugh-until-your-cheeks-hurt, best-vacation-ever BANG.