Jennifer Ferrise

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The legendary costume designer explains how Carrie Bradshaw's opening-credits tutu came to be, and why Emily looked so Midwestern in Paris.
Before returning to Atlanta, the 2021 Women in Film Max Mara Face of the Future Award winner stars in The Harder They Fall, a spaghetti Western produced by Jay-Z. She’s also stretching her impact into climate activism and mulling a career move into midwifery — as soon as her schedule frees up a little.
With the launch of her new publishing imprint, Tiny Reparations Books, the comedian is championing underrepresented voices.
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"Anyone who consents is getting an open-mouth kiss."
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Cicely Tyson spent almost seven decades bringing the struggles and joys of African-American life to the screen, and in December, just weeks before she passed away at 96, the esteemed actress sat down with InStyle to share her own incredible life story for our March 2021 issue. Given the news of Ms. Tyson's passing on Jan. 28, we are sharing it now to honor a beautiful life well-lived.
The Emmy-winning actress talks ambition, turning 40, and her starring role in HBO’s upcoming reboot of In Treatment. 
The network's beloved senior political correspondent is getting her own show on Jan. 24.
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