Jennifer Ferrise

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Cicely Tyson spent almost seven decades bringing the struggles and joys of African-American life to the screen, and in December, just weeks before she passed away at 96, the esteemed actress sat down with InStyle to share her own incredible life story for our March 2021 issue. Given the news of Ms. Tyson's passing on Jan. 28, we are sharing it now to honor a beautiful life well-lived.
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"My sons, Harrison and Reese, who are 14 and 11, quickly became my audio techs, and my daughter, Drew, who is 7, became my hair and makeup person."
"I’ve always been a writer and a producer, but suddenly I became the cue-card holder, the prop master, the graphics guy, and the hair and makeup person, too."
"I’ve just gone completely feral in quarantine," James, who stars in Rebecca, tells The Politician's Schlaepfer. "I think I’ve worn the same white dungarees every single day."
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