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Masks remained on and covered both parties' mouths and noses.
The actor said his Gossip Girl arc was cut short because it was "a tough show to film." 
The actors starred in the revival of 'Frankie and Johnny' in 2002.
The president called for the nation to mourn the losses from the pandemic.
From her all white outfit to a Spanish-speaking moment.
"Twitter is like a party where everyone is screaming."
"Queen Victoria" Larson, who may or may not be a Trump supporter, speaks to the ugliness of our current climate.
Malik appeared to drop a major hint on one of his new tracks.
The Rolling Stone cover star recently opened up about her unconventional upbringing and her relationship with Anwar Hadid.
The language may be different, but the track covers familiar territory: heartbreak.
He fell in love with her because "she's so odd."
"There haven't been a lot of opportunities to design from a place of pure joy in the past year — but this was really that moment for me," James said of the collaboration.
And a crystal-encrusted tumbler ...
They'll join a long list of performers that includes Jennifer Lopez, Lady Gaga, Demi Lovato, Justin Timberlake, and more.
The heir to Britney's denim-upholstered throne has spoken.
The actor insisted he'd seen the royal in his neighborhood.
For starters, it's not called Sex and the City ...
Zendaya and John David Washington star as a bickering couple in Netflix's upcoming film.