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Get ready to meet some very cute new additions. Last year's moms-to-be are quickly becoming new moms and sharing their little ones with the world via social media, cute black-and-white photos, and sweet messages for followers, friends, and family alike. Expect some big news in 2021, including a new royal baby from Princess Eugenie, Disney royalty Hilary Duff, Mandy Moore, and a few surprises, too.
Who says a tailored trouser has to be khaki and not chartreuse, or a structured bag can't be cloud-shaped? In The New New, we're looking at the many ways to have more fun with your clothing this fall.
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It sounds like a corny Pinterest quote (and it probably is), but it's the truth: Confidence is all you need to pull off literally any haircut. And while we think you should get whatever haircut you want, whenever you want, there's also nothing wrong with consulting your face shape before deciding on a look. This approach will draw attention to your facial features — and it might also just give you some peace of mind as you sit and wait for the finished product. Here, we rounded up the best short, medium, and long haircuts for every face shape. Keep scrolling to see them on your favorite celebrities, along with the best styling tricks for each hairstyle.  VIDEO: These Are the Best Bangs for Every Face Shape
Hair trends come and go each season, but there's a set of cuts that have proven to stand the test of time, and thus they will always be in style. Need proof? Look no further than the red carpet. While your favorite celebs aren't afraid of dramatic changes, many stars have one haircut that they always return to.  Whether you loyal to a long length, love a lob, or want to try a pixie, you're guaranteed to find your new signature cut thanks to the following timeless styles. Here we've rounded up 20 classic celebrity haircuts to screenshot and show your stylist as inspiration for your cut.
It's been over 25 years, but these looks are still as relevant as ever.
Your good hair days just increased exponentially.
If you're one of those people that stands in front of the nail polish wall at the salon for 10 minutes before picking a shade, we get it: All of the options to choose from can be overwhelming. Your nail polish possibilities are even more endless during the summer when pedicures are thrown into the mix. When you're trying to figure out a shade to paint your toes that will also compliment the one that's going on your fingers, it can be tough to know where to start. That's why we turned to top celebrity manicurists to narrow down some of best manicure and pedicure color combinations to try for summer.  Keep scrolling for eight nail polish pairings to consider for your upcoming mani/pedi appointments. VIDEO: The Fabulous Life of Adam Rippon 
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