Erin Lukas

"It was a lot of fun to half commit to something resembling a face tattoo without actually getting a face tattoo."
It legitimately smoothes my dry, flaky skin in just one use.
"The beauty industry is often based off static moments that are beautiful like wedding days or galas, but that’s not daily life."
Get a sun-kissed glow — without going outside.
Lactic acid is gentle, yet effective. (Promise!)
These formulas leave out some traditional ingredients, but don't sacrifice performance.
No more excuses for skipping sunscreen!
"We as Indigenous people have an innate connection to the land, earth, and water. The importance of paying attention to brands that have experience in sustainability is going to be really important for the world going forward."
The deal will allow her to expand KKW Beauty into new categories including skincare, haircare, and nail products.
These launches will help you start the new year off right.
The star ingredient is a non-irritating plant-based alternative to retinol.
It's (mostly) going to be all about the eyes.
The pandemic isn't over, but that doesn't mean you should stop wearing lipstick.
It was a lot of old fashioned trial and error.