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Christopher Luu

Christopher Luu is the Evening News Editor for and knows the meaning of Mariah Carey.

The two announced their engagement back in February.
With decades of looks to reflect on, these are her most memorable moves.
He wasn't fooled by the rocks that she got, but he didn't expect this.
She'll be a more "fully realized" version of an iconic cartoon character.
He'll serve the rest of his sentence at home.
Fans guessed the six vault titles she teased.
And there was a Colin Jost cameo, too.
She rescued the owl, Kering, two years ago.
Blonde. Bob. Bangs. What's next?
Is there anything she can't pull off?
Gen Z is getting its very own take on Shakespeare's classic.
She joined Marlon Williams in her native New Zealand.
James Norton and Amanda Seyfried star in the streamer's newest thriller.
The couple that coordinates together stays together.
The Children's Hospital at Vanderbilt got a new lounge thanks to Kylie.