Amy Schulman

Amy Schulman

Amy Schulman has written about products in the home and kitchen space since 2019. You can find her work in various publications like Thrillist, Chowhound, CNET, People, Food & Wine, Real Simple, Travel & Leisure, Saveur, and more.

Amy Schulman is a news and deals writer and strategist at Dotdash Meredith. She is an expert in the home and food space. Previously, she was a food editor and journalist where she reviewed restaurants, interviewed chefs, and showcased recipes for a number of publications.

Before joining DotDash Meredith, Amy Schulman held editorial positions at Chowhound, Culture Trip, Thrillist, and Food Network. There, she crafted restaurant guides, interviewed local chefs and experts for reported features, and sourced, reviewed, and tested the best products in the kitchen and home space. She's an excellent editor and strong storyteller, using her passions to dictate what she writes about.

Now at People, Amy covers all the most enticing home and kitchen deals from Amazon, showcasing the likes of robot vacuums, nonstick skillets, cozy bed sheets, discounted furniture, and more.

When she's not writing or editing, she can often be found cooking, shopping, and playing tennis.

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