The Skincare Brand Jennifer Aniston Uses Just Launched a Foaming Cleanser That’s Perfect for Dry Skin

It's surprisingly gentle.

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Brand Jennifer Aniston Launched Foaming Cleanser

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The phrase “squeaky clean,” which is generally a positive sentiment, makes me shudder when used in the context of my complexion. As someone whose face veers dry — often to the point of flaking — I’ve avoided foaming cleansers (which tend to work best for oily skin types and can exacerbate dryness). Nevertheless, I made an exception a few days ago, in light of Augustinus Bader launching its own foaming formula. The brand, which has been used by the likes of Victoria Beckham, Lily Aldridge, and Jennifer Aniston, is among my favorites; celebrity credit aside, Bader’s products have, invariably, proven perfect for my skin concerns.


Violet Grey

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Augustinus Bader’s The Foaming Cleanser is a gentle, frothy face wash formulated to remove impurities — including makeup, sunscreen, and excess sebum — without stripping the skin of moisture. Intended for normal to oily skin types, the cleanser provides a deep clean without the tight, drying feeling many foaming cleansers can impart. 

In true Bader fashion, the cleanser exudes luxury in every respect — from its streamlined cerulean packaging, to its rich, creamy feel. The formula, which dispenses as a cream, transforms into a soft, lathering foam when it comes in contact with water, and leaves skin feeling remarkably clean and supremely soft. 

As with all of the brand’s products, the cleanser contains TFC8: the not-so-secret anti-aging complex on which the entire brand is founded. It’s spiked with additional anti-aging ingredients; for one, skin-brightening vitamin C, which promotes a more radiant, even-toned complexion. Also present is skin-soothing niacinamide, a B vitamin, which “can help fight off environmental factors and repair damages, plus fight back to reduce visible signs of aging," dermatologist, Dr. Ava Shamban previously told InStyle. Moringa oil, known for its line-fading properties, is also present. What’s not present: Artificial fragrance and other potential skin irritants.

Though I expect only the best from Augustinus Bader, I am still shocked by how beautifully its new foaming face wash agrees with my dry skin. FWIW: My boyfriend, whose skin veers oily, loves it as much as I do despite our opposite skin types. 

For a deep clean that leaves skin soft and, over time, ostensibly younger-looking, shop the latest from Augustinus Bader

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