Armoire vs. Rent the Runway: Find a Clothing Subscription That Fits Your Style

We compare the plans and perks of these two popular rental services.

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armoire vs rent the runway
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Whether you need a showstopping dress for a wedding or the perfect pair of jeans for weekend brunch, rental clothing companies are a fun, budget-friendly way to mix up your everyday wardrobe. Armoire and Rent the Runway are two popular services that deliver clothing and accessories from top designers straight to your doorstep, making wearing the latest styles easy and affordable.

As someone who loves dressing up but works at home in athleisure most days, I’ve used these services to find the perfect outfit for everything from important work meetings and date nights with my husband to destination weddings with specific dress codes. Looking and feeling good, without blowing my budget on things I’ll only wear a few times, are worth the monthly investment. Plus, browsing pre-curated edits and extensive customer reviews makes choosing the right looks easy and takes the stress out of shopping, plus you can discover new brands and keep up with fashion trends. 

While Armoire and Rent the Runway are fairly similar — both give you access to quality clothing from top designers and offer multiple membership tiers — there are some differences in pricing, personal shopping services, exchanges, and items included in monthly or one-time rates. We compare both companies plus a few similar services to help you determine which is best for your budget and style. 

How Does Armoire Work?

Armoire is both a personal shopping service and a clothing rental company, combining the best of both services: access to pieces from 300 high-end brands like Nicole Miller, Paige, Diane von Furstenberg, and Yumi Kim, all of which are selected specifically for your body type and personal aesthetic. Styling services are included in membership rates, and you can choose from three plans that start at $79 per month ($69 per month for first-timers) for four items and top out at $249 for six items and unlimited swaps. All membership tiers get access to the company’s full online wardrobe, regardless of the retail price. 

Take the online quiz to find the best Armoire rental options for your body type and style, or book a one-on-one virtual session to get assistance selecting looks for each shipment. Dry cleaning and shipping are included in monthly prices, and memberships can be paused or canceled whenever you like, making it an affordable and commitment-free way to sample pieces from top designers. With four- and seven-item membership plans, you have the option to save item spots for future deliveries for maximum flexibility when rotating your wardrobe. 

How Does Rent the Runway Work?

Rent the Runway offers both monthly memberships and one-time, four- and eight-day rentals. Members can choose from four different plans of five, 10, 15, or 20 items per month. The basic, five-spot plan includes one shipment per month of everyday clothing and accessories from designers like Ganni, Ulla Johnson, Samsøe Samsøe, and Sea New York with a retail value of up to $350. With the 10-, 15-, and 20-spot plans, you get two, three, and four monthly shipments of five items each. Plus, those upgraded plans give you access to designer accessories and clothing — including formal wear — from names like Haider Ackermann, Oscar de la Renta, and Zac Posen, which have a retail value of up to $3,500. 

At the end of each shipment period, you can opt to extend the rental of items or purchase them for a discount. Members can also get access to exclusive sales of used items at steep discounts. For special occasions or one-off items for vacations or work, opt for the one-time, four- or eight-day rentals that include a backup size. One-time rental and regular membership items arrive freshly dry-cleaned in two to three days (or the date of your choosing with one-time shipments) inside a reusable garment bag. Need a few more items for an upcoming vacation or event or want to swap out things you don’t like? You can easily adjust the monthly plan and pay a fee to add more spots. Plus, you can pause, cancel, or adjust your plan at the end of each billing cycle. 

Armoire vs. Rent the Runway: Key Specs


  • Starting price: $79/month
  • Free shipping? Yes
  • Size range: 0–24W
  • Rental period: 1 month
  • Delivery frequency: 1 or unlimited shipments per month
  • Items per shipment: 4–6
  • Level of customization: Customers can save monthly spots for future shipments and extend rental periods for multiple pieces

Rent the Runway

  • Starting price: $94/month
  • Free shipping? Yes
  • Size range: 0–22W
  • Rental period: 1 month or one-time rentals of 4 and 8 days
  • Delivery frequency: 1–4 shipments per month
  • Items per shipment: 5
  • Level of customization: Customers can add on items and extend the rental period for multiple pieces

How Much Do Armoire and Rent the Runway Cost?

Armoire Plans & Pricing

  • The Wardrobe Pick-Me-Up: 4 items for $79 per month; free shipping and returns
  • The Wardrobe Enhancer: 7 items for $119 per month; free shipping and returns
  • The Wardrobe Replacer: unlimited shipments (6 items per box) for $249 per month; free shipping and returns

Rent the Runway Plans & Pricing

  • Basic closet: 5 items per month for $94 per month; free shipping and returns
  • Expanded closet (2 shipments): 10 items per month (5 in each box) for $155 per month; free shipping and returns
  • Expanded closet (3 shipments): 15 items per month (5 in each box) for $193 per month; free shipping and returns
  • Expanded closet (4 shipments): 20 items per month (5 in each box) for $235 per month; free shipping and returns

Armoire Reviews

Armoire is a great way to try pieces from pricey, high-end designers without committing to paying the full retail cost. The complimentary personal styling services can help you hone in on new-to-you brands and styles that work well for your body type and aesthetic. The flexible membership plans give you the option to bank slots for future shipments, perfect for extended vacations or times of the year when you have back-to-back weddings or holiday parties. And unlike Rent the Runway, even basic membership tiers get access to all pieces in Armoire’s inventory. 

Customers praise Armoire clothing for its large selection of designer brands and affordability, as well as assistance from virtual stylists in selecting items for shipment. Most have found customer service very responsive via live chat, and shipping and returning items easy and convenient. As with other rental companies, others noted that some Armoire rental items look worn-in and that certain pieces they were interested in weren’t available when they wanted them

armoire rentals


Rent the Runway Reviews

One of the clothing rental pioneers, Rent the Runway has staying power for its wide range of top designers, budget-friendly price tag, and flexible membership plans. The plans include an expanded closet option with five items you can swap out weekly and one-time, short-term rentals complete with backup sizing. If you like everything you get, you can even pause your membership and keep those items for an indefinite period of time at a reduced monthly rate. The large catalog of customer reviews — which can be sorted by age, size, and body type — can help narrow down the list of choices and make sure you pick items that best fit your style and shape. 

According to online Rent the Runway reviews, customers appreciate the wide range of styles available as well as extensive customer reviews with images. They also praise the service’s affordability and high quality, and most have had good interactions with customer service representatives. Others wish there were more sizes and styles available, and note that in-demand pieces tend to “sell out” quickly, which can prevent customers from receiving their first-pick choices in rentals. And while the service previously allowed customers an unlimited plan to exchange pieces as often as they liked, now each plan has a set number of swaps. Or customers can add-on a spot to try a new size or different piece for an additional fee.

Pros and Cons



  • Members at all price points can select pieces from the company’s full inventory 
  • Customers can book a one-on-one virtual session with a personal stylist
  • Flexible plans include the option to save spots for future shipment dates
  • Can receive multiple shipments per month


  • Base plan only includes four items per month
  • Smaller selection of clothing pieces and accessories
  • No one-time rental option

Rent the Runway


  • Online closet of more than 15,000 pieces from over 800 high-end designers
  • Can opt for multiple shipments per month
  • Offers short-term rentals for special occasions and one-off events
  • Customer service available seven days a week


  • Basic, five-plan subscription doesn’t give customers access to more expensive items
  • Limited availability of certain sizes and styles
rent the runway rentals

Rent the Runway

Alternatives to Armoire and Rent the Runway

Armoire and Rent the Runway are just two of several clothing rental services for updating your closet on a budget. While these two companies have a large and loyal customer base, there are other services with similar offerings and a range of brands, sizes, and price points. Whether you prioritize inclusive sizing, affordability, or overall quality of pieces, it’s important to weigh your options before choosing which one best fits you. Here are some alternatives to consider. 


  • Starting Price: $88/month
  • Free Shipping? Yes
  • Size Range: 00–40W

Nuuly is two services in one: Nuuly Rent, a clothing subscription company, and Nuuly Thrift, an online resale marketplace. With Nuuly Rent, customers get access to trendy pieces from brands like Farm Rio, For Love & Lemons, LoveShackFancy, and Saylor in inclusive sizes. To find your perfect fit, search the website for items sorted by designer, size, color, style, and preselected edits like “the vacation shop” and “wear to work.”

Basic membership includes six styles per month, with the option to add one or two bonus spots per month for a maximum of eight styles at one time. Subscription plans can conveniently be paused or canceled at any time. And at the end of each billing period, you can opt to keep any items you like for another month, purchase them for a discount, or swap out for new looks. Fees include free two-day shipping and returns, and clothing comes freshly dry-cleaned in a reusable bag. 

Vince Unfold

  • Starting Price: $160/month
  • Free Shipping? Yes
  • Size Range: 00–24W

Vince Unfold, a rental clothing company from the luxury clothing brand of the same name, delivers a curated selection of its bestselling and limited edition items to monthly subscribers. Browse a collection of cozy cashmere sweaters, minimalist dresses, and sophisticated high-waisted satin trousers, then add up to 10 items to your personal online “closet.” Vince Unfold will send four of those to you each month for a membership fee of $160, which includes unlimited exchanges as well as laundering and shipping. Love your samples? You can purchase anything you like for a discount.

Le Tote

  • Starting Price: $59/month
  • Free Shipping? Yes
  • Size Range: 0–16W

Le Tote offers subscribers clothing and accessory rentals from on-trend brands like Free People, Kate Spade, Rebecca Minkoff, and Vince Camuto. To find new looks, take an online styling quiz or search the website by color, size, designer, season, and other filters to bookmark favorites. The company also has themed edits, including “RSVP-Ready” for special occasions and “The New 9 to 5” for sophisticated, tailored work attire. Each “tote” comes with a mix of three or four clothing items and two accessories. Swap anything that doesn’t work within 48 hours for a new item and keep what you like for 50 percent off the retail price. 

Final Thoughts

Choosing the right clothing rental company is as personal as choosing the perfect outfit: It’s all about the right fit for your style, body, and budget. With Armoire, customers get access to virtual consultations with a personal stylist, flexible plans, and looks from over 5,000 high-end designer items, regardless of membership tier. Rent the Runway not only offers the largest variety and selection of clothing and accessories for mid- to high-end brands, but has four membership plans as well as one-time, short-term rental services. Nuuly Rent is a great option for trendy pieces in inclusive sizes, while Vince Unfold lets members sample the luxury brand’s timeless, minimalist looks and purchase them for a fraction of retail cost. Finally, Le Tote is affordable, with a good selection of on-trend accessories and clothing.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How Much Money Can You Save With a Clothing Rental Subscription?

    Using a clothing rental service is an inexpensive way to sample several looks at once without committing to purchasing them. With clothing rental subscriptions like Armoire, customers can sample trendy and high-end clothing and accessories for a monthly rate or one-time fee. Depending on the number of items received, membership rates range from $59 to over $200 — usually less than purchasing even one piece at full cost. For example, with the basic Rent the Runway plan, you can receive five items up to $350 per item in retail value — or $1,750 — for less than $100. And if you do decide to purchase something you love, you’ll pay less than what you would buy the same piece for as new and directly from the company.

  • Is the Customer in Charge of Laundering Rented Clothing?

    Because rented clothing is worn by multiple customers, items need to be cleaned before shipping to the next user. But no need to send pieces to a dry cleaner or laundry service — rental clothing companies bake the cost of washing and pressing clothes into membership fees. So when you’ve worn your pieces and are ready to return or exchange them, just put them in the prepaid bag or box and ship them — the company will take care of the rest.

  • What Happens If You Ruin a Rented Item?

    Because rental items change hands several times, these clothing services expect a certain amount of wear and tear in their pieces. While you likely won’t be charged for something minor like a snagged thread or missing button, you could be charged up to full retail value for the piece if you significantly damage or ruin an item. Make sure to treat the clothing with care while it's in your possession. 

  • Are Clothing Rental Subscriptions Sustainable?

    Renting clothes is often touted as a sustainable choice. Compared to manufacturing a new item of clothing, which requires resources like energy and water and produces more carbon emissions to distribute, clothing that’s used several times is more eco-friendly. Because nearly 66 percent of all textiles end up in landfills, renting something that you and others will wear on multiple occasions is a better choice than buying something you will wear once and then discard. However, clothing rental services require shipping and packaging as well as frequent dry cleaning, which studies have shown makes them a less sustainable option than purchasing new clothing.

    The best way to shop sustainably? Supplement upcycled clothing and high-quality wardrobe staples that you wear frequently with occasional rentals from companies with eco-friendly practices.

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