This Microfiber Hair Towel Is My Saving Grace

It speeds up my air-drying process tenfold.

Yes, A Microfiber Hair Towel Will Speed Up Dry Time in Tenfold

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Washing my hair is a welcome necessity, but it can feel like a chore. It's not so much in the actual shampooing and conditioning — I really enjoy lathering them up and giving myself a scalp massage in the process — the issue I have starts the moment I step out of the shower. I have a lot of thick hair, and as such, it takes forever to dry.

And yes, I know I could use a blowdryer to speed things up, but there are some days when laziness takes over. Also, I like air drying my hair — it's gentler on my hair and my waves develop into an effortless beachy style when I do so. But even when I air dry, I always use a microfiber towel first.

Made of tons of tiny fibers, these types of towels are more absorbent than traditional cotton alternatives, helping to speed up the hair drying process. I love them for this reason, but I also know that not all microfiber towels are created.

In my search for the best one, the undisputed winner is the Aquis Flip.

Unlike other brands on the market, Aquis weaves two proprietary fabrics that quickly dry the hair while maintaining its strength and reducing frizz: Coppersure (made with antimicrobial copper) and Aquitex (with moisture-wicking woven channels). It's also made with recycled plastic bottles.

best microfiber hair towel aquis flip


To shop: $50;

It's worth noting that I have long hair — it hits right below my breasts. Despite its length, it all fits neatly inside the microfiber towel once I twirl it on top of my head.

In a clinical study conducted by the brand, it found that this product left hair up to five times stronger than when dried with traditional methods, and I can attest that I've experienced similar results. Other towels tug at my hair and subsequently cause breakage, but I can feel the difference in its strength when I consistently use this microfiber towel.

Healthier hair that speeds up dry time? Say no more.

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