Anita Ko - Lead
Credit: Courtesy

Anita Ko is not just the jeweler to the stars (she's worked with people like Rihanna, Jessica Alba, and Blake Lively). She's one of the most dynamic, energetic, and kindest women in the biz. Looking for a great facialist? She's the first one to give you a suggestion (last year she told me Kate Sommerville was a must). Desperately trying to learn how to layer your rings correctly? She's happy to lend a hand.

When Ko does something, she does it with her entire being. Which is why it's no surprise that to relaunch her website, she went ALL. OUT. Here, we talk about her new site, social media, and what we can expect from the brand.

So you’ve gotten yourself a brand new, flashy website. Tell us about the upgrade!

I'm so excited for my new site! I'm working with this incredible creative team from LOVE. They have worked with the biggest brands in the world including Chanel and Dior so I am extremely honored to be working [with them]. The new site heavily stars Amber Valletta and I hope my customers love the overall visual identity of the site. I’ve also focused on making improvements to both ordering and communicating directly with my team if a client has any questions.

How much does social media play into your business?

Technology and social media play a huge part in any brand business today. The whole world is constantly on the phone and it's really changed the way we shop and find new things. Also, as a designer, when you have something new or want to communicate a message with your customers, Instagram and Facebook reaches the most amount of people quickly and efficiently. Now, if we see something on Instagram, you're just another click away from their website and next thing you know you are ordering. I use Instagram as a tool for people to get to know me and my aesthetic…all the different ways you can wear my pieces.

This is the first time you have a celeb-based campaign. Tell us about what it was like working with Amber.

I met Amber years ago through a stylist she was then working with. She's just always been the same: super friendly and sweet. Her boyfriend, Teddy, loves jewelry so they would come in to see me. I thought it would be perfect to have Amber her in the web campaign because she is a genuine client that loves the line.

I wanted to use a legendary beauty, who represents the modern woman I design for. Amber is smart, kind, funny, and very loving. She's just the best. What can I say! I design for the woman on the go. She is a multi-tasker. She is stylish and cool, and of course, busy. She loves to laugh with her friends, and loves to sparkle. Amber is a mother, girlfriend, model, actress, good friend, and, of course, she loves to sparkle. Seeing her in action you totally understand why the word supermodel was invented.

The end of your campaign video says “Discover the new story.” So… what is new at Anita Ko? What can we expect?

You can expect to see some gorgeous jewelry that’s styled with my aesthetic: very sparkly and layered! That is a given. But, on the site specifically, there are some really cool things that the photographer Ben Hassett came up with that have never been done on a jewelry site before. But you will have to see for yourself!