Our Brows Feel Softer Than Ever After Using Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Serum

The growth took some time, but the application process and conditioning powers made it worth it after testing it for 8 weeks.

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Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Genius

Anastasia Beverly Hills

As shopping editors, we rarely spot a new launch that impresses us enough that we all want to try it out. But when we heard that Anastasia Beverly Hills — our favorite brand for cream blush, tweezers, and brow pencils — planned to launch a brow serum, we jumped at the opportunity to test because if it’s anything like the products already available from the brand, it will be good.

The brand kindly sent us samples to try pre-launch, allowing us to get a head start on the testing process before you contemplated buying it. We each used the product twice a day for eight weeks on clean brows and evaluated it at the end of each week on three things: conditioning, growth, and application. At the end of the test, we ranked the product’s value, comparing its price to our final results.

All three of us testers described our brows as “thin” and “sparse” mostly through the arch and tail. My brows typically aren’t noticeable thanks to their light strawberry-blonde coloring and require a lot of tinted gel to get them to a well-styled point, but Mary Honkus, InStyle commerce editor, and Caitlyn Martyn, InStyle commerce writer, both have dark brown brows that they regularly pencil in or apply gel to. 

Going into it, we hoped for some growth with the product’s inclusion of red clover extract and Korean red ginseng to give us fuller, thicker, even-looking brows, but we were also excited to see if the conditioning benefits from panthenol (a substance derived from vitamin B5) actually took effect. Martyn additionally calls her brows “unruly” and looks forward to seeing if the panthenol helps tame them, as it’s described to do.

Here are our results:

Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Genius Conditioning Brow Serum

Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Genius Conditioning Brow Serum
Before image of brows
Our brows before Brow Genius.

Mary Honkus / Chloe Anello / Caitlyn Martyn


The brush piqued our interest immediately. Honkus has tried three different brow serums prior to this one, but each came with a spoolie applicator, which, while effective for brow gels, feels less beneficial for a serum that you want to thoroughly coat your brows. “It doesn't feel like I'm getting much product on my brows with a spoolie,” she says. And Martyn agrees, the brush “feels much more targeted.” All three of us expected a bigger brush, but after using the product, we appreciated the size; it allowed us to apply serum exactly where we wanted (and nowhere we didn’t) “all in one swoop,” as Martyn puts it.

Once applied, the serum dried surprisingly fast, allowing us to move through our regular skincare routine swiftly. “I really liked how it didn't drip all over your eyes,” Martyn says because of how quickly it dried — it had just enough moisture to glide easily without leaving the hairs “crunchy or stiff,” adds Honkus, who initially thought it would feel sticky.  

After eight weeks of constant use, we all expected the brush to fray, but it never broke apart. It stayed as smooth as the first application.

Brow Genius Brush

Chloe Anello


After just one week, we all noticed our eyebrows felt softer and easier to apply additional products to. And it only continued to improve. “I love how soft and easy to manage my hairs are now. Before, they were a bit coarse and unruly, but now I have no problem wrangling them in place with a brow gel,” says Martyn, who uses the REFY brow gel, after eight weeks of use.

I use the Westman Atelier Bonne Brow Defining Brow Pencil, and before the serum, I spent a lot of time drawing in my brows, then locking them in with Glossier’s Boy Brow. Now, I think the strands feel thicker, softer, and more manageable, taking the pencil without needing an extra layer of gel to hold them together. The conditioning alone made the product worth it for me.


It definitely took the full eight weeks of using it consistently to start seeing some growth, but overall, none of us were blown away by the amount of growth — it was very subtle, and actually, Martyn wasn’t too sure she saw any. “It wasn't as dramatic as I was expecting,” adds Honkus. “I'm happy that some hair grew along my left arch (that area is so sparse), but I do wish my brows were a little fuller.”

Because my brows have such light coloring, I didn’t expect to notice any growth, truthfully; I figured any new growth would be light blonde and hard to see like my brows usually are. But after eight weeks, the roots of my brows appear thicker and therefore darker. I noticed my arches look a bit wider than usual. And even without penciling them in, they seemed fuller overall. But had my brows already been a darker shade, I doubt I would’ve noticed much. All three of us plan to continue to use the product regularly to spot more strands popping up.

Brow Test Final
Our brows after eight weeks of using the serum.

Mary Honkus / Chloe Anello / Caitlyn Martyn


Even without the amazing amount of growth — it did occur, after all, just subtly — none of us felt disappointed after eight weeks of using the product. Actually, we all were truly pleased with the look and feel of our brows. They were softer and easier to manage. Compared to other products on the market that come in at a steeper price, we thought you get a lot of bang for your buck with this product at only $65. If you’re looking for growth first and foremost, perhaps you won’t love it. But if your priorities are conditioned, tamed, and fluffier-looking brows, you’ll love the results.

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