The Top-Rated Dry Shampoo That Lets Shoppers “Go a Full Week Between Washes” Is Now $21

And I trust it to add life back to my greasy hair.

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Amika Dry Shampoo

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After dying my hair, the first thing my stylist stressed was the importance of spacing out washes — advice I did not heed. It was not out of a lack of trust or belief that I knew more than them, but because, as someone who regularly works out (or at least tries to) — and profusely sweats while doing so — the idea of not washing my hair didn’t seem like a feasible option for me. But just one month after my dye job, I was back at the salon getting an all-over color because what had been a fiery red hue had quickly faded to orangy brown. Unless I wanted to drop a few hundred dollars every month, I knew it was time to find a good dry shampoo.

Dry shampoos had never been my favorite, as I often felt they left my scalp feeling dirtier than before application. Plus, so many have that distinct smell that yells, “I’m trying to cover up the fact that my hair is dirty.” So, I set out to find one that worked for me: I wanted it to revive my hair, reduce oil and sweat, and leave a fresh, just-washed smell. At the end of my research, it became clear what I needed: Amika’s Perk Up Dry Shampoo, an Amazon customer-favorite that is now 20 percent off during the retailer’s Prime Early Access Sale.

perk up talc-free dry shampoo


Shop now: $21 (Originally $26);

The thing I love most about this dry shampoo is how lightweight yet effective it is. I can spray a little at the roots or in problem areas, comb through, and the blowout I gave myself two days ago suddenly comes back to life with new volume and less oil. And after a medium-intensity workout (sorry, but I’m always going to wash after spin), this spray significantly reduces the sweat and residue left by it. Plus, it’s color-safe, with no sulfates, parabens, or phthalates. 

But this wasn’t a product I just stumbled upon; with over 8,000 five-star ratings on Amazon, I wound up buying it after reading one positive review after the next. Customers rave about this Amika dry shampoo’s ability to reduce oil without causing excess buildup. “I only wash my hair twice a week and this has kept it perfect between washes,” wrote one customer. “There is zero buildup with this dry shampoo — my primary issue with [others]. [It] gets rid of all oils, keeps your hair looking freshly styled, [and] doesn’t weigh it down.” Another noted they could “go a full week between washing, even if I get sweaty.” And a customer with fine hair wrote that Perk Up “smells nice and works really well to remove excess oil…[leaving] hair soft.” 

Now, as a part of Amazon’s Prime Early Access Sale, this customer-loved dry shampoo is on sale for 20 percent off. Personally, I’ll be stocking up on it, and you should, too.

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