Ami Colé's Latest Lip Oil Is Perfect for Valentine's Day

The only catch: It's limited edition.

Ami Cole Lip Gloss Launch

Ami Cole/ InStyle

With so much already on the market, launching a beauty brand of any kind in the 2020s isn't easy. Yet somehow, Ami Colé has managed to get it right.

By focusing on Black and PoC consumers, CEO and founder Diarrha N'Diaye-Mbaye created a line that was perfect for the makeup minimalist — and the collection quickly amassed a cult-following.

Today — and in less than a year after launching — Ami Colé can now be found in Sephora and Thirteen Lune as the company expands their range. And the latest addition to the Lip Oil line is a shade called Smitten that will leave you feeling just that.

"As the brand has grown, our DMs have become the biggest focus group. Upon launching, when thinking of the next drop, we started with our community," N'Diaye-Mbaye shares with InStyle. "We would engage them with surveys inquiring about what the next drop should be and what made sense as a next step in their routine. Now, thankfully, our community is vocal about what they need next before we even ask. A nice red and a grown up approach to cherry was the next highest ranked shade request after a nude pink, which we launched last year."

Much like the brand's other shades, Smitten offers universally-flattering glossy color. Plus. the impressive formula offers a blend of baobab seed oil, camellia oil, and passion fruit seed oil to moisturize, hydrate, and offer antioxidant benefits.

Ami Cole Lip Gloss Launch

Ami Cole

To shop: $20;

Before I even tested the product, I knew it would be a hit — much like everything else from the line. It gives my lips a subtle color payoff that's perfect for anyone who wants add a hint of romance to their look.

With Valentine's Day just around the corner, you may want to think about adding this to your makeup arsenal ASAP — not just because it's the perfect color for the holiday, but because Smitten is limited edition.

So run, don't walk, to get yours now.

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