Shoppers Call This Best-Selling Basic “the Perfect Tank” — and It’s Just $7 Apiece at Amazon

Grab the duo over 32,000 shoppers love.

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Shoppers Call This Best-Selling Basic “The Perfect Tank” — and Right Now It’s Just $7 Apiece at Amazon
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Despite being a shopping writer, I’ve admittedly had my fair share of shopping regrets. Of course, like many who second-hand shop, there’s a piece in my closet that I bought under the logic of, “if I don’t buy this now, someone else will,” that I then never wore, and there are a few pandemic micro-trends that The White Lotus’ Portia would happily accept as hand-me-downs. But amongst my biggest regrets aren’t just the items I no longer wear, but the basics I spent too much money on.

Do I love the tank top that I somehow, in the moment, convinced myself was worth $40? Sure. Would I ever in a million years do it again? Absolutely not. In a blind test of my $40 pick and a Hanes tank — which even celebrities favor — I’m sure I wouldn’t be able to tell the difference. As I’ve learned, a tank top is a tank top, no matter the price. So my advice: Don’t make the same mistake I did. Instead, stock up on this Amazon Essentials basic that shoppers are calling “the perfect tank” while it’s on sale for just $7 apiece.

Amazon Essentials Women's Slim-Fit Tank


Shop now: $14 (Originally $15);

Amazon Essential’s slim-fit tank top two-pack, which is loved by over 32,000 shoppers, is now $14. This is available in 37 different color combinations, including classics like white and black, as well as bolder colors and patterns, including stripes, hot pink, and lime green. These ribbed tanks are made of a cotton, modal, and spandex blend that gives them ample softness with a decent amount of stretch. “The material is soft and stretches to your shape,” wrote one shopper, with another adding that despite the flexibility of the top, these, “maintain their shape and can be worn repeatedly between washes without…stretch[ing] out,” or becoming “see-through.”

Others were impressed with the comfort and quality, with one customer writing, “the first thing I noticed is how soft the fabric is!” Some additional shoppers were pleasantly surprised to learn that, despite the low price point, these tanks are decently thick. “These aren’t super sheer or cheaply made. They are good quality and last,” wrote one, with another adding, “the fabric is nice and thick and feels substantial.”

Every closet needs a basic tank, whether as an undershirt, the perfect jean pairing, or for around-the-house lounging, so grab this set while it’s just $7 apiece at Amazon.

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