Amanda Seyfried and Isabella Rossellini on First Impressions, Aging, and Running Their Farms

La vie est belle for these two Lancôme ambassadors.

Amanda Seyfried & Isabella Rossellini joint interview

Courtesy of Lancome

Upon first glance, it may not appear as if Amanda Seyfried and Isabella Rossellini have a lot in common. They were born into different generations and are known for portraying rather different characters on-screen, for starters. However, a closer look into their lives reveals more similarities than originally thought.

Of course, they're both wildly successful actors, but their legacy expands beyond that. For example, they're also mothers, farm owners, and part of the Lancôme family. Recently, the two came together for the first time to shoot the brand's recent All Women "La Vie Est Belle" campaign that celebrates life and all that makes it beautiful.

"It was hard not to laugh throughout," shares Seyfried with InStyle. "Laughing is good, but not when you’re trying to get some serious beauty shots as well!"

Below, we connected with the two to discuss what makes their lives beautiful, their first impressions of each other, beauty tips, and more.

InStyle: "La vie est belle" can mean different things to everyone — what does it mean to both of you?

Amanda Seyfried: A beautiful life is a life full of purpose, chosen joy, and self-acceptance. Finding the things and people you love and keeping them close. Everything else can build on that kind of foundation. 

Isabella Rossellini: [For me,] it's following my curiosities, having many different experiences — from modeling to acting to being a scientist — fills my life with wonder. And, of course, being a mother and a grandmother is also a source of great happiness.

What was the best part about shooting this campaign?

IR: I was so pleased to spend a day with our CEO Françoise Lehman, Julia, Penelope, and Amanda. It is rare we are all together in the same place, yet we feel like a family: the Lancôme family. We are, in fact, all very much aware of our fortune to work for Lancôme and try to capture new feminine values of strength, sense of adventure, and encourage all to express themselves, their tastes, their points of view, and their personal elegance.

Amanda, what did it mean for you to join the ranks of these women when you signed with Lancôme in 2019?

AS: I honestly feel so grateful to be among these women with this kind of platform. Beyond skincare and beauty, Lancôme reflects back to us the importance of trusting ourselves and being honest about who we are and why we matter. And I love being able to channel that message in every campaign. 

And Isabella, you returned to Lancôme in 2018, 35 years after you first became the face of L’Oréal. Why did you return?

IR: Why not? We are talking about "La Vie Est Belle," and what is more beautiful than feeling included and accepted? Coming back to Lancôme was one of the happiest moments of my life. Lancôme wants to send out a message of inclusiveness, of celebrating all women no matter what age. It’s a message of empowerment that I embrace — I am so lucky to symbolize it.

Have you ever swapped beauty tips?

IR: We actually had opposite ideas about perfumes. I wear it every day, even when I spend the day alone at home. Perfume is like a second skin to me. Amanda uses it only on special occasions. We talked about skincare that we both use every day. Makeup is different for us actresses. It is not always an intimate and private process. Most of the time, it is applied by different makeup artists and not just to embellish ourselves but also to create different characters we play.

You both have farms — did you share farming tips with one another while shooting the campaign?

AS: We talked about goat rescues near her place in New York and how wild our chickens are. She seems so invested, so involved in the same way I am. I have to visit her farm one day.

What's the best thing about owning a farm?

AS: It’s incredibly grounding to be surrounded by nature and by animals who live simply and without ego. Something happens to you when you spend a lot of time taking care of them. You breathe a little slower, walk a little slower. There’s peace there, a healing symbiosis. 

IR: Yes — the endless learning about nature.

When you met, what was your first impression of one another?

AS: Isabella and I share very similar values in how we choose to live our lives. We both embrace our land, animals, family, and philanthropy as well as our chosen careers. It felt easy to relate to her immediately, even though we come from very different backgrounds. 

IR: I became first aware of her in the film Mamma Mia when she blew me away with her immense talent. She is beautiful. She can act, sing, and dance. In person, she struck me as being very down-to-earth, very kind, and approachable.

We're here to celebrate beauty. So, what beauty trick makes you feel the most empowered?

IR: There is not a particular “trick,” but during the COVID-19 lockdown, I realized that if I stayed in my pajamas, didn’t get dressed, and didn’t use makeup and perfume, by the end of the day, I was really depressed. On the days I got up, dressed up, perfumed myself, used skincare and a dash of makeup, the day ended up on a more positive note. I felt stronger, more empowered. There is magic in putting yourself together.

AS: For me, it’s empowering to know your “strengths.” For instance, I’ve got thick, healthy hair - I know that - and so I do less with it and focus more on my mascara, eyeshadow contouring, and I love highlighting my lips. I dress up or enhance certain features, so I still feel like me. There’s a balance - less is always more in my eyes! 

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