Amanda Edelman

Amanda Edelman
Education: Florida State University

Amanda Edelman is a freelance writer and product reviewer with 4+ years of experience in editorial.


  • Amanda has worked as a copyeditor and editor, of fashion sites, fiction manuscripts, etc.
  • She has a passion for beauty and wellness, and contributes to sites like BuzzFeed, Byrdie, and InStyle.  
  • She holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Creative Writing from Florida State University.


Amanda has always been enamored by beauty-focused writing. With bylines in BuzzFeed, Byrdie, HerCampus, Scholastic and more, she has worked hard at everything— from copy editing for a fashion site, to covering entertainment news, and other ventures. Amanda has done a lot of writing so far, but always comes back to beauty and wellness, loving the emotional ties the topic covers to its core. Having acne prone, sensitive skin all her life, she is constantly on the lookout for calming products that truly work. In her spare time, Amanda enjoys editing fiction manuscripts.

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