The Top 3 Workwear Fashion Tips We Learned From Amal Clooney

If anyone knows how to add some flair to a traditionally stuffy staple, it's her.

Amal Clooney Workwear

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While workwear has been redefined in recent years, with traditional suits and structured pieces being replaced with sweats and, in some cases, corset tops (we're looking at you, Gen Z), there’s still some unspoken expectation that when you come into the office, you’re appropriately clothed for your company’s vibe. For some, that might mean that athleisure is perfectly acceptable. For others, business casual or formal is still the status quo, and inspiration for this particular dress code is waning — unless, of course, you're looking toward Amal Clooney to guide you in the right direction.

While many Instagram galleries and Pinterest boards dedicated to office outfits are still peppered with matching lounge sets and trend-heavy styles (like wearing underwear as outerwear), personal stylist Allie McKenna recommends narrowing down your search to icons like Amal Clooney, whose workwear style is stunningly timeless and not at all stuffy like you might assume a barrister’s wardrobe would be.

“Now that many of us are back in the office a few days a week, I want to make it easy for my clients to dress so they can focus on more important things…like work,” McKenna tells InStyle, adding that, when she needs inspiration, she looks to Clooney’s “classic and effortless” style.

“She isn’t afraid of color, nor is she afraid to play with silhouettes. She blends all of the elements perfectly and I’m here to help you recreate them for your own dressing pleasure.”

Find Creativity in the Conservative

Amal Clooney Workwear Outfits

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Clooney seems to stay away from outfits that are super revealing (we simply can't picture her in a "naked dress") and you’ll rarely see her in something that isn’t tailor-fitted. Clean lines are a pillar of the lawyer's style. She also tends to favor matching separates, and both her neck and hemlines have consistently stayed conservative throughout the years.

But just because Clooney dresses in a traditionally “professional” manner — think mid-length sheath dresses — doesn’t mean her outfits aren’t fun or that she doesn’t acknowledge trends. She just does so in a way that makes sense for her personal style, as well as what her job (the court, speaking engagements, etc.) expects of her.

“One way Clooney adds a bit of personality or flair to an otherwise reserved office look is by reaching for a bolder color, a statement piece of jewelry, and/or a square toe or block heel,” McKenna tells us. “So for a matching moment of your own, you might opt for a cropped vegan leather shacket in a complementary hue, or a box jacket to maximize the symmetry of the sheath dress.”

Invest in a Pair of Practical But Versatile Black Trousers

Amal Clooney Workwear Outfits

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If you’re going to add any Clooney-approved piece into your wardrobe after reading this article, let it be a pair of black trousers. Not only have they been a mainstay in Clooney’s wardrobe since the paparazzi got whiff of her relationship with George back in 2013 (and probably long before that), but, as McKenna reminds us, they never go out of style — especially in the business world.

“Amal takes a page from Audrey Hepburn’s Holly Golightly, pairing her trousers with a basic black or white button-down blouse,” McKenna notes. “For the modern businesswoman, I suggest updating the look by swapping out a basic button-down for one that is silky with a pussy-bow, or adding a patterned silk scarf around your neck to bring a bit of dimension to a classic outfit.”

Embrace Old-School Pencil Skirts

Amal Clooney Workwear Outfits

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If you’re less of a pants person and prefer dresses and skirts, McKenna cites pencil skirt styles as being another “frequent flyer” in Clooney’s rotation. She's worn the bottom with a variety of tops that feature clean silhouettes.

“In the days of yore, AKA the early 2010s, a pencil skirt was traditionally made out of a stretchy fabric like twill or a cotton blend and often paired with a button-down of the same material,” explains McKenna. “In today’s more progressive world of workplace fashion, it’s slightly more acceptable to wear a vegan leather pencil skirt in a professional setting or an A-line mid-length skirt. [To channel Clooney], pair either skirt with a form-fitting high-neck top and 3-inch pumps for a more updated and modern look.”

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