I Finally Tried the Pretty Shoe Trend Amal Clooney and Gigi Hadid Wear, and I’ve Officially Been Converted

There really is something about Mary (Jane).

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Gigi Hadid and Amal Clooney

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It takes a lot to convince me to venture out of my comfort zone — comfort zone being my reliable white sneakers and my trusty black combat boots. But, after seeing so many A-listers, namely Amal Clooney and Gigi Hadid, in various versions of Mary Janes, I thought to myself, “Hmm, I’m curious about this footwear style.” And let me just tell you: Clooney and Hadid are onto something. 

Clooney recently wore her high-heeled Mary Janes with a micro-mini, mod-inspired dress while out in New York City, and honestly, this was the sighting that piqued my interest the most — and convinced me to press ‘add to cart’ on a similar pair. The human rights lawyer went with a slightly more elevated take on the single-strap shoe, styling them with sheer tights that made the patent-leather material really pop. A few days later, I saw Hadid in a similar tights-and-Mary-Jane look, but instead of a heeled pair, the supermodel went with a ballet silhouette that also made my heart skip a beat. 

There’s clearly something about Mary Janes that are sparking a revolution — maybe it’s because the silhouette strikes a balance between sweet yet sexy, or maybe it’s because the shoe is so nostalgic — as in, it might remind you of the dainty styles you wore to dance recitals as a child (probably with socks, which TBH, is exactly how people are wearing them now). Their design is one reason people are so drawn to them — or at least why I was — but when I put on this Steve Madden pair, I was pleasantly surprised by how comfortable they were, too.

Mingle Mary Jane Platform Pump


Shop now: $100; nordstrom.com

Notice Mary Jane Platform Pump


Shop now: $100; nordstrom.com

I’m usually wary of wearing a new pair of shoes on days I’ll know I’ll be on my feet for hours — or anytime I have to do miles of walking — but something in me said, do it for the sake of the story. Test these Mary Janes to their limits, and if your feet end up hurting, it’s only temporary. Hey, pep talks help! But honestly, I didn’t even need to mentally prepare for anything, because they were comfy from the minute I put them on. Sure, a little snugness is normal upon first try on, but after a few minutes, my Steve Madden pumps felt like they had the ideal fit. 

The Mary Jane market is vast, as in there’s a heel, flat, platform, and just about everything in between available in the signature style, but the key detail is all the same: the front strap that not only adds a dainty detail, but also a practical one. It ensures the shoes stay secure on your feet, and honestly, I think that’s a big part of the reason I wasn’t aching to kick them off mid-day. My foot was securely bucked (literally) in place, which prevented any annoying heel rubbing. 

Cute, comfortable, and extremely versatile? Oh yes. I have worn my Mary Janes with everything like dresses á la Clooney and Hadid to dressed-down jeans; no matter how I style them or with what I pair them, the compliments flood in. Plus, I highly recommend wearing them with sheer socks or frilly cotton ones, as it only adds to the shoe’s comfort (and appeal). 

Shop some more of my favorite Mary Janes below, and you’ll see, there really is something about Mary (Jane). 

Michaela Mary Jane Flat


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Violette Mary Jane Flat


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Delia Mary Jane Flat


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Reine Platform Mary Jane Pump


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Gwen Mary Jane Platform Pump


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Brooke Platform Mary Jane


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