Just Two Pumps of This Hydrating, $7 Hair Treatment Left Shoppers With “Less Breakage” and Smoother Strands

It's 75 percent off for a limited time.

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Ulta Alterna Hair Repair Sale


If you think you’re stressed, wait until you hear about your hair. Aside from heat- and chemical-induced damage from straightening, coloring, curling, and more, environmental factors can play an even bigger role in determining your hair health. Fortunately, there are tons of products to target all that, like Alterna’s Jelly Fix Repair Booster, which is formulated to repair existing damage like breakage and prevent further stressed-out locks. Even better? It’s a whopping 75 percent off at Ulta right now, bringing its price down to $7.

The key to restoring your hair’s health is to put hydration back into your locks, which can be stripped from the effects of styling, treatments, and even pollution in the air around you. The highly-concentrated Fix Repair Booster works with your daily products to protect strands from these harmful conditions. Like antioxidant booster ingredients that get added to your morning smoothie, this jelly is an ideal add-on for your regular hair go-tos. 

Alterna My Hair My Canvas Jelly Fix Repair Booster


Shop now: $7 (Originally 29); ulta.com

In addition to hydrating ingredients like glycerin, the product’s vegan formula is packed with protectors like white charcoal,  which offers a deep clean and removes residue, plus botanical caviar to nourish and repair damaged locks. Along with preventing damage that causes breakage and split ends, the Jelly Fix Repair Booster tames frizz and flyaways, smooths out strands, hydrates dry and brittle hair, and boosts shine. Once you’ve minimized split ends, your hair will appear fuller and more voluminous, with added bounce.

Alterna’s Jelly Fix Repair Booster is easy to use, as it can team up with your favorite hair mask or conditioner for the ultimate hydrating effect. Simply mix one to two pumps of the clear jelly formula (a little goes a long way, according to shoppers) with your preferred conditioner or mask after shampooing, let it penetrate your strands, and rinse it out after a few minutes. Its fragrance is also as calming as its ingredients, leaving behind a clean minty scent.

One “skeptical” shopper bought Jelly Fix Repair Booster for “dryness and frizzy hair,” and said it “worked wonders” on their hair. They used just one pump once a week, and said it lasts for a while. Another shopper found “less breakage and more smoothness” after using the booster, noting that they’ve “seen a noticeable difference in the texture” of their hair.

At the low price of just $7 for a bottle of deep, restorative hydration, there’s no better time to give your hair the TLC it deserves with the Alterna Jelly Fix Repair Booster. Grab it on super sale at Ulta before it sells out.

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