Alicia Silverstone Says Cher Horowitz Would Follow This One Shopping Rule in 2023

The actress — who appears in Rakuten's Super Bowl commercial — tells us it's something she considers before making a purchase, too.

Alicia Silverstone Rakuten


Alicia Silverstone is quick to admit that she doesn't usually watch the Super Bowl. This year, however, the actress has a good excuse to tune in: she's appearing in a commercial for Rakuten, where she recreates a few iconic scenes from her hit movie Cluelessoutfits and all.

"It's a fun thing to know that this is going to happen," she tells InStyle over the phone, discussing the 60-second slot. "It's just exciting — it makes me want to watch. I've always heard that the Super Bowl commercials are the best and they're great, so now I'm very curious, I want to watch all of them and know what's going on."

Silverstone adds that she hasn't been in a commercial since she was 16 years old, which is how she got her start in the industry. "Then I started to work on things like The Wonder Years, and then Clueless, Crush, and blah, blah, blah. So, I'm coming back to my roots," she explains.

Of course, it makes total sense why Silverstone would say yes to this opportunity. Rakuten is a shopping platform where customers can earn cash back, deals, and rewards as they shop, which is something she knows Cher Horowitz would enjoy.

"Cher's one of film history's most iconic shoppers, right? So when Rakuten approached me about this, I just thought it was such a clever idea. What could be more perfect? I think Rakuten would really have appealed to Cher — getting cash back for doing her favorite activity."

While Rakuten is new to Silverstone, she's eager to use it to shop, while also keeping sustainability in mind.

"I only shop sustainably and responsibly," she tells us. "I like used clothing. So Rent the Runway is amazing — they have a partnership with Rent the Runway, And you can get Pact, which is this great — I get all my underwear from Pact. It's an eco-organic cotton line, and they're super-sustainable. And Stella McCartney. There are all these great companies that they work with, and for me, the exciting ones are those that are conscious and responsible."

Silverstone adds that's something she believes she has in common with her character.

"I think Cher, in 2023, with her big heart, would want everyone to be socially responsible and conscious in choosing cruelty-free and eco-conscious clothes."

Alicia Silverstone Rakuten


Another major perk of appearing in Rakuten's Super Bowl ad was that Silverstone was able to work with her close friend, designer Christian Siriano, who not only reimagined Cher's unforgettable yellow suit for the modern day, but also portrays one of the students.

"Everywhere I get to be with Christian is a joy. I love him so much," she says. Even Elisa Donovan popped up in the commercial. reprising her role as Cher's frenemy, Amber. "It was so nice to see Elisa. We both just kept looking at each other going, 'Are we doing this? This is what's happening?'"

Of course, between celebrities channeling '90s fashion and this Clueless comeback, we had to get Silverstone's thoughts on the decade's style revival.

"To be honest with you, I've been hearing for the last 27 years — I can't tell you how many times," she says. "Maybe not 27 years, but at least every five years, somebody says to me, 'Oh my god, the '90s are back. It's so much '90s.' So, I just don't think the '90s are going anywhere. I don't understand it, particularly. I don't know how this stuff works, but apparently, it's trending and it has been forever."

Still, Clueless is far from the only memorable '90s film that Silverstone starred in. With the Brendan Fraser's renaissance still alive and well following The Whale, does Alicia think she would ever recreate scenes from Blast From the Past with her former co-star?

"My friend just called me and said, 'I'm watching you in Blast the Past. You're such a baby!'" Silverstone tells us, noting that ultimately, none of her other characters would make sense for a future Rakuten commercial. "What makes sense is Cher, her shopping, and Rakuten. That partnership is so perfect."

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