Aleah Wright

Aleah Wright
Education: Kent State University
Location: New York City, NY

As a Blogger and Content Creator, I cover beats on Fashion, Beauty, and Lifestyle. Over the last 4 years, I had the opportunity to work and intern for some of the top luxury fashion brands like Prada and Louis Vuitton. I have explored several sides of the fashion industry from Retail to Merchandising on the corporate side. Over the last two years, I have built up my following on my YouTube channel and Blog by reviewing and sharing products that I love and trust with my audience.



I studied Fashion Merchandising and was able to go abroad for two semesters to Florence, Italy, and New York City. I completed my first internship as a Visual Merchandising intern at Michael Kors HQ where I learned the ins and outs of window displays, visual props, and how to partner with wholesale companies like Macy's, Dillard's, and Belk.

Then I graduated and moved to New York City from Miami to intern for Prada HQ as Merchandising intern for Women's Leathergoods and Accessories. I trained to become a buyer by analyzing sales reports, communicating with stores, and taking on product development projects.

I create content for my YouTube channel and Blog around different Fashion, Beauty, and Lifestyle topics. I've had the pleasure of partnering with different brands to talk about the products I love, plus I give my different takes on the fashion industry. I can also be found on Pinterest and Instagram.

When I'm not writing or creating content, then I'm binge-watching some of my favorite fashion runway shows from each season.

Favorite Review/Purchase:

My favorite review is for Makeup by Mario. I really like the inclusive shade range and how well it melts into the skin.

My favorite purchase is the Burberry Her perfume because it's such a beautiful sweet, fruity fragrance that wears for a long time on the skin. I have purchased it twice now and had it for the last 3 years.


I attended The Fashion School at Kent State University in Kent, OH, and received my Bachelor's of Science in Fashion Merchandising with a minor in Fashion Media.

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