Adele Just Revealed That We've All Been Saying Her Name Wrong

Feeling very called out right now.

Adele may have long-solidified herself as a household name, but apparently, we’ve all been saying that name incorrectly.

Adele red carpet

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During Happy Hour With Adele, a live-streamed question-and-answer session in honor of her recently released “I Drink Wine” music video, the singer set the record straight on the correct pronunciation of her moniker. While answering fan questions, Adele gave props to one attendee in particular who nailed her name’s delivery.

"Love that," Adele praised. "She said my name perfectly!"

What does “perfectly” entail, exactly? According to the singer, her name is actually pronounced with an emphasis on the last syllable (“uh-dale”) — the way that aligns with her North London accent — as opposed to the version that’s been adopted by the masses (“uh-dell”).

The star also revealed more details about her personal life during the event, including one of her favorite pastimes: adding new outfits to her online cart. “I've been buying a lot of clothes — online shopping," she said when a fan asked her how she's been spending her time lately. But she quickly clarified that she keeps her wardrobe on a steady rotation. "I'm not a hoarder, I just like to buy a lot of things, 'cause I don't really do very much. Not in like a Michael Jackson way of like, 'I'll have that one, and I'll have this one' — not like that, but just like, 'What if I need an outfit for this?'"

Adding that she prefers buying loungewear rather than glamorous gowns, the singer also revealed that she recently cleared out her stash to make room for new digs.

"I have this spare bedroom in my house, and it was just filled with rails of stuff, and I gave it all away. I have this new, clear bedroom, which is amazing," she said. "But I do love to buy things, like sneakers and sweats — I have so many sweats — and stuff like that."

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