Adele Loves Online Shopping and Drinking Wine, Just Like All of Us

And she also buys sweats, just like all of us.

To celebrate the release of her new music video for "I Drink Wine," Adele spent some time with fans during a virtual event, Happy Hour With Adele. Naturally, there was wine and the superstar singer was as open and frank as she's ever been, talking about everything from what mobile games she's been playing lately and even getting super relatable when she talked about what she does when she's just hanging out: online shopping. Like all of us, Adele can't resist the siren song of the add-to-cart button. 

Adele Performing Black Halter Dress

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"I've been buying a lot of clothes — online shopping," she said when a fan asked her how she's been spending her time lately. But she was also quick to clarify that she is diligent about editing her closet. "I'm not a hoarder, I just like to buy a lot of things, 'cause I don't really do very much. Not in like a Michael Jackson way of like, 'I'll have that one, and I'll have this one' — not like that, but just like, 'What if I need an outfit for this?'"

She shared that her favorite things to buy were items for lounging, not the over-the-top, super-glam gowns that we're used to seeing her in. Instead, she's more likely getting loungewear, admitting that she doesn't leave the house often enough to treat herself to fancy things.

"I have this spare bedroom in my house, and it was just filled with rails of stuff, and I gave it all away. I have this new, clear bedroom, which is amazing," she said. "But I do love to buy things, like sneakers and sweats — I have so many sweats — and stuff like that."

It wasn't all shop talk, however. Adele opened up about other things that make her happy, including spending time with her dogs and her boyfriend Rich Paul. She even addressed anyone thinking that she doesn't enjoy those courtside seats, saying that she does, in fact, like the sport, thank you very much.

"I'd say that and my dogs, and then making special time for Rich and stuff like that. I mean, the season just started, and believe me, I'm actually a really big basketball fan," she said. "Thank god. So, I've also been doing that."

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