Adele Shared That She's Back in Therapy to "Hold Herself Accountable"

What happens in Vegas doesn't stay there when it comes to advocating for mental health.

After taking a break from regular therapy sessions, Adele is prioritizing her mental health again. During one of her recent shows in Las Vegas, where she's hosting "Weekends With Adele," she spoke about how she was going to "hold herself accountable" and have more regular sessions with her therapist.

In past interviews, Adele has been frank about how she needed therapy to process her divorce from her ex, Simon Konecki, in 2019. This time, she addressed the topic on-stage between songs, telling her audience that she would often "fall back" on therapy when she needed it most.

"Before, obviously, when I was going through my divorce, I was like, basically in like five therapy sessions a day," she said. "But I stopped holding myself accountable for my own behavior and the things I would say and it's because I would always fall back on my therapist."

"I needed to just hold myself accountable for it," she added. "But now I am doing it because I just want to make sure I'm topping myself up every week to make sure I can give you everything."

Adele Las Vegas Residency

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Adele also spoke about her reticence to perform live, though she noted that performing regularly in Vegas has made her more comfortable with the idea of singing for a live audience. She added that she's only really had one tour — and that she did that as a way to prove to herself that she could. Now, she explains, she loves being on stage.

"I love making music, but there is something about performing live that actually terrifies me and fills me with dread normally," she said. "That's why I am not a big touring artist. I did it last time to prove I could do it. But this experience of being in a room this size, I think I might be a live artist for the rest of my life."

"If my voice ain't top-notch that's alright, but my soul is top-notch, I'll tell you that — that's what I try to say to my therapist," Adele told People after her initial run of shows had to be postponed. "Having the human interaction every weekend is honestly — I'm the happiest I've ever ever ever ever been."

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