This New Lip Butter Is An IRL Filter For Dry, Cracked Lips

Vegan, clean, and under $20? Yes, please.

Lip Butter

My makeup holy trinity is a bold lip, a swipe of mascara, and a pop of highlight. That’s literally all I need to feel confident and ready to roll, but winter throws a major wrench into my makeup routine.

It’s almost impossible to wear a vibrant lip color when you’ve got chapped, dry winter lips and, come December, my lips look like the surface of the moon: pocked, cracked, and very ick. Until now, that’s meant no bold lip color for me — the only thing worse that chapped lips is lipstick sunk into and excentuating chapped lips — but about-face beauty’s new Cherry Pick Lip Color Butter delivers a serious dose of vibrant color, a high gloss finish, and, most importantly, a blurring and filling effect that transforms the cracked landscape of winter lips into a mirror smooth surface. 

What is about-face Cherry Pick Lip Butter?

The about-face Cherry Pick Lip Butters are ultra-nourishing balms that offer megawatt shine and a glossy finish. They include ingredients like pomegranate flower extract and cherry butter to leave lips moisturized and plump — and of course offer gorgeous color payoff.

about-face Lip Butter

Benefits of about-face Cherry Pick Lip Butter

Before I tried Cherry Pick Lip Color Butter, I was used forgoing bright lip color during the winter. While a rich red, deep brown, or bright pink lip is eye-catching, every lip stain, stick, tint, or gloss that I’ve tried over the course of two decades had bled into the texture of my lips which always get chapped in the winter.

There are ways around this, but layering chapsticks, sealing the color in with powders, and other techniques to smooth chapped lips always result — for me, anyway — in a temporary solution. The magical thing about the Cherry Pick Lip Color Butters is that they deliver gorgeous color that doesn’t draw attention to chapped lips. In each of these photos, my lips are chapped, chewed, and super dry, but all I see in these selfies is my makeup holy trinity back in action.

The smoothing and filing effect is most likely due to the bend of unique ingredients found in these lips butters. A combination of pomegranate flower extract and cherry butter, along with argan oil ⁠and avocado oils, and cocoa butter ⁠use both the power of humectants and occlusives. The fact that the formula is also vegan is a cherry on top (pun totally intended). Officially “Lip Color Butters,” the latest drop from about-face feels like an overnight lip mask without any stickiness, has a glossy, glass-like finish, but delivers the kind of color you usually only get from a liquid lipstick.

Speaking of color, the range of shades runs the gamet from petal pale pinks to deep russet reds so you can vamp up your look or go for a more no-makeup makeup look.


At $15, they’re also kind of a steal, considering how much product comes in each little pen, which brings me to another unique feature I love about these butters: they work kind of like push-up pops. Clicking a button at the base pushes the butter up and out of the slightly curved mouth of the pen so you’re only releasing as much product as you plan to use. Compared to glosses or liquid lipsticks that use a doefoot applicator, this delivery method is less messy and wasteful. 

The Final Takeaway

The one downside of the Cherry Pick Lip Color Butters is the fact that the gorgeous finish isn’t budgeproof. For me, the color lasted several hours, but definitely left some smudges on my water bottle. Given that this is described by the brand as something of a balm, it makes sense that there’s a bit of a transfer and, quite frankly, if I can wear a bright red lip all winter without anyone seeing how chapped my lips are, I don’t really care if it calls for reapplication every few hours. 

The new Cherry Pick Lip Color Butters from about-face beauty are available now on and

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