For InStyle Fashion and Beauty Editor-at-Large Kahlana Barfield Brown, getting married in Brooklyn was "non-negotiable." She met her future husband and got engaged in the trendy New York borough. That's why when it came to picking a theme for her wedding, there was only one option. Barfield Brown enlisted her longtime friend and event producer at The Vanity Group, Karleen Roy, to help her plan the ultimate Brooklyn-themed celebration.

"Brooklyn is the new black," says Roy, who explains that she wanted the wedding to embody the quintessential cool, hip-hop vibe of the area without sacrificing the formality of the black-tie event Barfield Brown had asked for. That translated into an elegant black, white, and gold décor with a "chic yet hardcore Brooklyn presence."

Watch the video above to see how Roy and her team pulled off Barfield Brown's dream wedding.