Sheer Top - Vauthier
Credit: Chesnot/Getty

There’s this game that we used to play when we were above (or sometimes below) the legal drinking age called Never Have I Ever. I’m sure you’re aware of the criteria, your host will ask a question and if you’ve done the act in question you have to drink, a shameful way to expose a few skeletons in your closet but nonetheless effective in getting the inebriation flowing for the night ahead.

Had I been approached with the question Never Have I Ever Worn a sheer shirt without a bra, I would certainly not have imbibed in my solo cup cocktail. In my early twenties, there was never a consideration that I would leave the house without a full coverage undergarment in tow, and even if I had had the courage to even contemplate it, my parents would have a few choice words to speak on the matter.

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Fast-forward to the year 2017; a tough year in many ways but a very empowering one in others. This is the year we witnessed Kendall and Gigi walk the streets in NYC, Rihanna’s music video "Wild Thoughts" dancing in a gauzy Betsey Johnson crop-top, and most recently, Bella Hadid opening Alexandre Vauthier's couture show in a translucent long-sleeved top; all three scenarios sans bras.

Cognitive to all aforementioned accounts, there has been plenty of temptation to leave my tattered, tired and overused bra at home to roam the streets destitute of any paranoia or reservation of my exposed assets. But as I sit here contemplating the many bra-less routes that are at my fingertips, I remind myself that I am not Rihanna dancing alongside DJ Khaled to a new hit song, nor am I Bella Hadid opening a couture show in Paris. Am I convincing myself that exposed nipples are just for elitists?

Regardless of one’s celebrity status, being comfortable in your own skin is a flourishing quality that I would like to see fully bloomed. Not only are these women unveiling their nips, but they are also flaunting an overwhelmingly refreshing amount of confidence. Bare breasts or not, it is important to engage on a level of body-confident fashion, which is partly why I think 2017 is the most empowering year yet. It’s not the act of leaving the house without a bra, but the emblazoned assurance these women resonate. I may still not pick up my solo cup if the question of wearing a sheer top without a bra in another game of Never Have I Ever comes around, but I salute those who can!