Expect These Fragrance Trends to Pop Up in 2023

Here's what experts are anticipating.

2023 Fragrance Trends, According To An Expert

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According to perfume and candle experts, 2023 is going to smell like a whole lot, thanks to the resurgence of the bold fragrance.

Over the past few years, all sectors of the fragrance industry have been focused on clean, subtle scents that provided comfort and balance amidst so much uncertainty and change. From organic essential oil candles made of beeswax to non-toxic perfumes, fragrance trends really evolved to offer scents that were not only good for the environment, but evoked a sense of comfort.

But in 2023, industry experts are predicting the pendulum will swing, and we’re going to see (and smell) scents like big, bold florals and creamy, textured vanillas. The best part? The scents trend will resurface with the aforementioned evolved formulas: naturally-derived, eco-friendly, and sustainable.

To learn more about the upcoming fragrance trends of 2023, we tapped three industry experts to tell us more.

Gourmand Vanillas

While vanilla is neither a new or trendy ingredient, in 2023 we can expect to see the classic base note reinterpreted in new and stimulating ways via gourmand fragrances. We saw it this last year with the launch of Billie Eilish’s debut fragrance, Eilish, which piles notes of red berries, mandarin, and cocoa on top of vanilla. And Camron Collard, the Chief Growth Officer of Microperfumes — which bottles luxury perfumes from brands like Versace and Creed into affordable, TSA-friendly vessels — predicts we will only continue to see much more of these mouth-watering vanilla-based scents in the next year.

“In perfumery, vanilla is as classic and foundational as it gets, but so many buzzy contemporary fragrances contain it [and] I can only imagine that the vanilla craze will continue into the new year,” they share.

 For this trend, try: Eilish by Billie Eilish — $68; ulta.com

Intense Florals

In a big departure from the shallow, clean scents we saw in 2022, the new year will usher in fragrances with heart notes made up of intense florals to invoke a romantic, feminine aura. While these scents are nuanced and can contain aromas that go from powdery and sweet to rich and aromatic, the most on-trend floral scents will be “big luminous florals that bring a transportive element and a sense of high quality” says Dara Quinlan, Vice President of Fine Fragrance Development at Firmenich; a fragrance house responsible for developing perfumes for brands like Calvin Klein, Gucci, and more.

For this trend, try: Alien Goddess by Mugler — $123; ulta.com

Fresh and Green

It looks like all parts of the flower will make their way into bold fragrances in the new year, as notes of plant leaves will also have their moment. We can also look forward to herbs, fresh-cut grass, moss, green teas, and basically anything that smells green becoming popular.

“Following the wellness trend, scents that are green and fresh, signaling a sense of naturality,” will be trending says Quinlan. Because what exudes confidence more than a scent story made of bold, unconventional fragrance notes?

For this trend, try: REPLICA Matcha Meditation by Maison Margiela — $144; sephora.com

Elevated Clean

As mentioned, the past few years fragrance-lovers have prioritized scents made of clean ingredients and sustainable packages. And while non-toxic and eco-friendly scents will likely only grow in popularity, customers are looking for more. Specifically fragrances that check the “clean” boxes and are void of things like mineral oils, parades, and silicones — but also offer strong, intense scents.

For this trend, try: Cheerful Charmer by Good Chemistry — $27; target.com

Layering Oils and Mists

Starting off with a fine fragrance and then refreshing the scent by layering fragrance oils and mists is going to become more popular than ever. So yes, body sprays are back, and oils will start showing up everywhere.

“Consumers are embracing a wide array of formats beyond just eau de toilettes (EDTs). Body mists offer a fast and fun way to refresh and layer fragrance throughout the day,” says Qunilan. And Collard agrees: “Fragrance oils for the body are having a bit of a moment right now and the success of Sol de Janeiro has definitely revived interest in the long-maligned body spray category.”

For this trend, try: Brazilian Crush Cheirosa ’71 Hair & Body Fragrance Mist by Sol de Janeiro — $20; sephora.com

Transportive Candles

Travel is back, but in 2023 people will still have the urge to use home fragrances to transport them somewhere else. Comfort candles are out, and luxury transportive candles are in.

“I personally love to create a scentscape in each room to change the mood based on my space. People like scents that transport them,” says Maison Margiela Fragrances National Fragrance Ambassador Ross Barry. “People are increasingly more informed on what they use in their home and look for lead-free wicks and natural-based waxes in candles. There is also a huge trend in finding candles that have chic vessels that can be reused for make-up brush holders, planters, etc.”

For this trend, try: REPLICA Beach Vibes by Maison Margiela — $65; sephora.com

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