9 Wellness Gifts to Add to Your Wedding Registry

9 Wellness Gifts to Add to Your Wedding Registry

Some of us spend weeks, months, even a year getting in the best shape of our lives for the wedding.

A Zola.com survey of over 900 couples found that while 70% of couples pumped it up before the big day, only 30% of them kept it up at the gym after walking down the aisle. (We’re very impressed by these 30% of couples, by the way.)

Pretty much the day right after the celebration, our military-like wellness routines take a backseat to post-wedding duties (those thank-you notes won’t write themselves), acclimating to newlywed life, and generally getting back into the swing of our lives pre-wedding (read: work, reconnecting with social life, nesting.).

VIDEO: Pre-Wedding Workout for Column Dresses

That’s why we created this list of classes, gear, gadgets, and games you can add to your registry. You may let go of those two-a-days you were pulling the week leading up to your big day, but each of these should help you and your spouse-to-be maintain a fit lifestyle all year round.

Check out our picks below. 

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