16 Wedding Favors Your Guests Will Love (and Use!)

16 Wedding Favors Your Guests Will Love (and Use!)

We can all probably think of at least one instance when the wedding favor we took home ended up in a box in the closet. Some of us can probably think of more than just one.

While the tradition of gifting your wedding guests is something we stand behind firmly (especially if they've traveled half of the world to see you tie the knot), let's get one thing straight—offering them a set of coasters personalized with a picture of you and your future husband kissing is not going to make you very popular. 

Instead opt for a cool set of bamboo coasters that they can actually (not be embarrassed to) use. Also, you don't have to give everyone the same thing—ladies can get a scented candle, and every guy will be happy to take home a beer mug. If there are a lot of couples at your wedding, you can even pick one chic wedding favor to give each one of them. Our rule of thumb is: don't give anything you wouldn't want to receive yourself.

Now scroll down to see some of the coolest wedding favors your guests will surely love.

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