Wait, Leonardo Da Vinci Was a Wedding Planner?!

Wait, Leonardo Da Vinci Was a Wedding Planner?!
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Painter, sculptor, architect, musician, scientist, mathematician, engineer, inventor...wedding planner? That's right, the person who painted the Mona Lisa and invented the first submarine, was also a big fan of planning other people's nuptials. And when we say "planning," we don't just mean "coordinating," apparently Leonardo Da Vinci went all in.

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After taking a position as a "master of feasts and banquets," he planned the wedding of Duke Giovanni Galeazzo with Isabella of Arragon in 1489. For the decor, Da Vinci took inspiration from the cosmos and created a representation of heaven and the revolving planets.

Two years later, he worked on his biggest wedding project—the nuptials of the Duke of Milan, for which Da Vinci not only created the decoration, but also the menu, the entertainment, and the clothes the guests would wear.

This is what we call an all-inclusive wedding planning service!

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