10 Tips to Help You Plan a Fun Rehearsal Dinner

10 Tips to Help You Plan a Fun Rehearsal Dinner
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Your wedding is your big day. You're saying "I do" to your S.O. and that's one of the most special events in your life. Chances are you'll spend months planning it to the smallest detail to make sure it's perfect. And while most of your resources and efforts should go towards putting your wedding day together, you should also spend some time organizing a fun rehearsal dinner. 

Wedding etiquette usually calls for inviting only your closest friends and family (together with their plus ones) who will be in the wedding to the rehearsal dinner but, of course, it's good manners to extend the invitation to your out-of-town guests.

To make sure the event is a complete success, we reached out to industry experts at Carats & Cake and asked them to share their best tips on how to plan the ultimate night before.

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