These Caterers Take Wedding Food to a Whole New Level

These Caterers Take Wedding Food to a Whole New Level
Courtesy of Cloud Catering & Events, Cass Loh

We get it—weddings are about celebrating the couple's commitment to one another and "frivolous" things like hors-d'oeuvres and entrées shouldn't be that important in the grand scheme of things. But take it from someone who still considers her wedding a failure because of a horrible chicken dish that was served—food matters.

Just like you spend months planning every small element of the décor, put in some effort to find a caterer who does not just...well, cater food. Find someone who takes their job personally, who will spend quality time with you and your S.O. working on a custom menu, and then offer you and your guests a truly memorable culinary experience.

This is exactly what these nine caterers based all over the country pride themselves with. For them, food is not just a biological need, especially when it comes to weddings, it is a form of art. 

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