THE Jewelry Line Made for Cool Girls Launches Stunning Bridal Collection

THE Jewelry Line Made for Cool Girls Launches Stunning Bridal Collection

If you have ever spiraled down an Instagram editor/blogger/tastemaker black hole (guilty as charged), you’ll notice that a lot of the aforementioned cool girls are wearing Spinelli Kilcollin jewelry. Most identifiable by tiny connecting links in his rings, earrings, and bracelets, Yves Spinelli mixes gold colors and diamonds to create pieces that range from minimalistic chic (all sterling silver) to maximalist fun (please Google his Venus ring and you're welcome!). 

They say that the best inspiration is usually from personal experience. When Yves and his business partner, Dwyer Kilcollin, designed each other’s wedding rings and married last summer, they were excited to develop their ideas into a full collection. Debuting this month, Spinelli Kilcollin is now offering 18K or platinum customizable solitaire setting gemstones and bands. Seriously, what is more romantic than having a physical link within your ring to symbolize the actual link of a relationship? As both Yves and Dwyer note, “The symbolic power of the linked rings is incredibly strong … Perhaps it took getting married ourselves to figure out how to manifest that symbolism into a collection of rings for others."

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The bridal collection will be comprised of approximately fifteen pieces, and is now available online at Below are some of the gorgeous new arrivals.

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