5 Books Professional Wedding Planners Swear by

5 Books Professional Wedding Planners Swear by
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Want a gorgeous, memorable wedding? Of course you do. But before you walk down the aisle dressed in the gown of your dreams, there's quite a lot of planning you'll have to do. What will your wedding theme be? How about your color palette? Do you know how to negotiate contracts with vendors? Oh, and have you mastered the art of the perfect seating chart? We didn't mean to overwhelm you, but these are just a few of the questions you'll have to have definitive answers to in the months prior to your big day.

But don't worry—wedding planning is a skill and like every skill, it can be learned. Your starting point? One of these five books professional planners and event producers have referenced through the years and have found to be extremely useful. From practical budget breakdowns and to-do lists to etiquette conundrums, these books hold the answers to every wedding planning question you have.

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