The Most Popular Engagement Ring Trend on Pinterest Will Surprise You

The Most Popular Engagement Ring Trend on Pinterest Will Surprise You

Apparently, when it comes to engagement rings, the saying: The more (embellished), the better, no longer holds true. We say "no longer" because we all remember just a few years ago when ornate, non-traditional sparklers had a moment, probably due to celebs like Ashley Simpson and Scarlett Johansson's own elaborate engagement rings.

But times have changed, or at least according to new data from Pinterest on the most popular searches for wedding and engagement rings, which shows that a diamond is not really a girl's best friend anymore. People are now looking for simple styles and non-traditional stones when thinking about the sparklers they want to rock.

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Emeralds, opals, and moissanites are the top three stone choices as searches for them have surged more than 50 percent since last year. Morganites, pretty soft pink stones, are also a popular alternative to diamonds with searches up 35 percent.

This trend toward more simple (and affordable) engagement rings doesn't surprise industry insiders, though. 

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"The clean, tailored look of a classic engagement ring without a lot of embellishment is akin to the blue blazer that is always in style. Today's generation tends to be less over the top," told us Michael Lebowitz, director of jewelry at WP Diamonds. "Their tastes reflect their lifestyles so we're seeing much more casual, easy-to-wear pieces across the board, especially when it comes to engagement rings which are an everyday fixture. It's not about being flashy, it's about being able to go from work to play...dinner, camping, wherever."

Now, check out the five most popular engagement ring searches on Pinterest this year.

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