14 Whimsical Ideas to Inspire the Winter Wedding of Your Dreams

14 Whimsical Ideas to Inspire the Winter Wedding of Your Dreams

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Fact: Winter weddings are impossibly romantic. Say what you will about them (It's cold! It gets dark early!), but nothing compares to saying "I Do" with the snow peacefully falling in the background. If you are a dreaming of a cozy and intimate celebration, this is the season to do it. Plus, with the holidays in the air, your guests are already in a festive, cheerful mood so it's guaranteed the event will be a memorable one.

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Now, how to maximize the hygge? Let winter inspire your decor—embrace green-and-red details or go for an all-white wedding. Incorporate pine tree elements, cozy pashmina scarves as wedding favors, and candles. 

But your wintry fairytale wedding doesn't end with the decor.

"Offer food stations that tie in to the theme. A hot chocolate bar can be fun for kids and adults alike. Create a S’mores bar for your guests or even some good old-fashioned toasted marshmallows," says Kim Sayatovic, founder of Belladeux Event Design. There are so many craft cocktails you can offer using many of the warm campfire foods you love while elevating them from backyard to wedding."

Scroll down for more beautiful photos and tips on how to plan a gorgeous winter wedding.

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