9 Photos That Prove Sunflowers Are Awesome Wedding Flowers

9 Photos That Prove Sunflowers Are Awesome Wedding Flowers
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"We love using sunflowers in wedding designs because of the bright color, and rustic texture that the flower brings to the arrangements," says Kate Nolan, a florist at Crow River Floral. And honestly, who can argue with her?

These gorgeous blooms have been on the continent since 3000 BC. There is evidence that American Indian tribes cultivated the plant in what is now Arizona and New Mexico for their seeds, and used them to make oil and flour. Of course, nowadays, we have come to appreciate the sunflower for its beauty as well.

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"Most brides that choose sunflowers, come through our doors and already know that using sunflowers is going to be the most important element in their wedding. It is a bright flower, so for couples that want that brighter hue or pop of color, it is a perfect choice," adds Nolan. And since sunflowers are in season throughout summer and fall, they are also a very economical option if you are on a tight budget.

Another advantage is that they are extremely versatile.

"The flowers can vary in color from deep  velvety mocha to a bright vibrant yellow," says Britta Wilson, florist at Iron Violets. "I often prefer the bicolor blooms because they are so easy to pair with deep purple and blue accent flowers like thistle, Scabiosa, and Celosia. The darker varieties look stunning with cream Dahlias, roses and plush grey Dusty Miller." 

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Now, scroll down to see 9 beautiful photos that feature these bright flowers and tips on how to incorporate them in your wedding.

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