This Is the Most Popular Wedding Dress Style on Pinterest

This Is the Most Popular Wedding Dress Style on Pinterest

Admit it: You have a secret (or not so secret) wedding Pinterest board you tend to any time you’re feeling especially wistful, and on it is everything from dreamy outdoor venues to glimmering alternative engagement rings to—most importantly—several different versions of The Perfect Dress. One can dream, right? Given the astronomical number of wedding dress pins, the big dogs at Pinterest have some news: there’s a most pinned wedding dress style, and honestly, it makes a lot of sense.

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What’s the most popular wedding dress style on Pinterest, you ask? Drum roll please: the off-the-shoulder gown. (Cue the dramatic gasp.) Yes! 2017 is shaping up to be The Year of Off-the-Shoulder Trend, and ‘wedding dresses’ falls right under that umbrella.

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Don’t believe us? Let the numbers prove you wrong: According to the Pinsights team, pins for off-the-shoulder dresses are up +158% year over year (see Pinterest's official 2017 Wedding Report for more insight). Still not convinced? Let our shopping guide lure you over to Team Off-the-Shoulder. Shop 10 ultra-chic OTS wedding dresses, below.

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