This Millennial Wedding Registry Trend Makes Us Very Happy

This Millennial Wedding Registry Trend Makes Us Very Happy
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Weddings are not going to become cheaper any time soon and it seems like wedding guests, at least, would much rather know that their money is going for a good cause.

According to The Knot's 2016 Wedding Guest Study, millennial guests want to offer a gift that gives back. The survey found that people ages 18-39 are more likely to donate to a charity the couple has included on their registry, rather than buying a traditional gift.

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Future newly-weds should also be aware that a whopping 93 percent of millennial wedding guests would purchase a gift from the couple’s registry if a charity contribution is included free of charge. The Knot also reports that registries are not going anywhere anytime soon—they are still the most popular place to select a gift. That's probably not very surprising considering half of Americans have reported they needed help to figure out wedding gift etiquette

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And while you don't have to donate all of your registry to charity like this wonderful couple did (although if you do, major props to you and your S.O.), you could include a few items that benefit charities that are close to your heart.

Here are a few suggestions:

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