How to Keep Your Guests Cool At Your Summer Wedding

How to Keep Your Guests Cool At Your Summer Wedding
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Summertime calls for an endless amount of outdoor weddings. But along with those longer days, breathtaking sunsets, and starry nights come some seriously blistering temperatures. And that’s not exactly a fun situation when you have a full face of makeup and a blowout... let alone if you’re a man in a suit. I just got back from a wedding in St. Louis, and while it was an incredible weekend under the sun and stars, it certainly was a scorcher.

Are you and your spouse-to-be planning on saying and celebrating your I Do's in the heat? Your all-dolled-up guests will appreciate (maybe even praise) you for providing a few things to help them stay cool under the blazing sun. Ice cold beverages, fans, personal water bottles, and more can keep everyone from searching for the nearest AC-filled establishment and let them party into the wee hours right alongside you two.

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