Meet the Top 9 Wedding Bouquets

Meet the Top 9 Wedding Bouquets

When it comes to your wedding, we know you think of absolutely everything. Every last touch is perfectly planned, timed, and organized. And it all leads up to that one shining moment where you descend the aisle. Everyone rises, your dress is revealed for the first time, and you're holding a bouquet that you thought out and formulated to precision to coordinate with your theme, venue, and personal style. Basically, the bouquet is a big deal!

It can be difficult to nail the right palette, though, and there's certainly no shortage of floral options. So, we asked the experts approved by popular wedding industry resource Carats & Cake to share some of the most beautiful bouquets they've seen, and the themes they fit best. Keep scrolling for some inspo for your big day, and learn to more about how each look was created.


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