Breathtaking Ceiling Decoration Ideas For Your Wedding

Breathtaking Ceiling Decoration Ideas For Your Wedding
Katie Webber, Cass Loh

With so many factors involved when throwing a wedding, there’s a multitude of ways that couples can really wow their guests. Some choose to go out on their centerpieces, dresses, invitations, or entertainment. While others go above and beyond on, well, everything. One unique way to really elevate your party is to do something special with the ceiling decor. You don’t see this all the time—probably because it can cost you a pretty penny and the logistics of installing something grand can be complicated, and you do have to make sure that nothing lands on your guests’ heads, after all. But if you have the room in your budget for this expense, we say go for it. The impact it’ll have is hard to surpass, no matter how many tiers your cake has or how cool that food truck that rolls up at the end of the night is. Plus, your photos will look in-cre-di-ble. 

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We sought out wedding planner Shannon Leahy for a range of ways that couples can deck out their ceiling decor. Scroll down for some brilliant ideas from someone who knows a thing or two about an impressive overhead setup. 


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