11 Over-the-Top Wedding Cakes That Totally Stole the Show

11 Over-the-Top Wedding Cakes That Totally Stole the Show
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Most couples seemingly opt for smaller, more "compact" wedding cakes. You know, the kind of cake that is camera-friendly, and not intended to feed all of their guests—that's what the kitchen cake is for—allowing them to afford a beautiful, impressive confection without breaking the bank. Or, maybe they decide to go in a completely different direction and forego the cake entirely. 

But there is always going to be those couples who want everything at the wedding to be over the top, including their wedding cake. And to do this, they'll be sure to feature an enormous, multi-tier, over 100-lbs, embellished cake at their reception. These have been the norm in royal and celebrity weddings for decades. In fact, it seems that if you didn't need a ladder to reach its top, the cake wasn't fabulous enough. 

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Take Prince Albert II of Monaco and Princess Charlene, for example, who married in July of 2011. Their soft pink cake was so impressive that the press was asking, at the time, if it was the world's biggest piece of wedding confection. It featured 110 pounds of strawberries, 2,000 edible flowers, and was a total showstopper.

Now scroll down to see 11 of the most impressive wedding cakes in history that will leave you completely speechless.

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