10 Tips to Plan the Perfect Elopement

10 Tips to Plan the Perfect Elopement
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Planning a wedding for a couple of hundred people is a very stressful, time-consuming, patience-testing, drama-filled endeavor. Oh, did we mention extremely expensive as well?! So if you want to save yourself and your S.O. months of arguing over wedding favors and flower boutonnieres, you might as well take the shortcut to your happily ever after and elope (or have a pop-up wedding).

Of course, we don't mean heading to Vegas in a convertible without telling anyone and getting hitched in the first chapel you see. You can still have a romantic ceremony, albeit a very intimate one, with your closest and dearest friends and family. The great thing about planning an elopement is that there is actually not that much planning involved which will save you money and time.

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Now, keep scrolling to read what it takes the pull off the perfect elopement according to the wedding experts at Carats & Cake.

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