5 Simple Changes That Will Make Your Wedding a Lot More Eco-Friendly

5 Simple Changes That Will Make Your Wedding a Lot More Eco-Friendly

We don't mean to ruin your day, but when it comes to weddings and the carbon footprint they leave on the environment, the numbers speak for themselves—and they don't look good. According to the Carbonfund.org Foundation, if you have invited more than 100 guests and most of them are flying, your carbon footprint is likely to be around 15 tons. It skyrockets to 50 tons if you invite more than 200 guests. This is the equivalent of driving 121,000 miles per year in a typical passenger car, except that you generate it in one weekend.

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Everything from your guests' transportation, their accommodation, the food, the decor, and even your and your bridesmaids' dresses contribute to the higher CO2 footprint of your big day. Don't get us wrong, we're not saying you should elope without telling anyone, but there are things you can do to make your wedding more eco-friendly without sacrificing its beautiful aesthetic.

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We reached out to Valentina Schade, projects coordinator at ‎Ten Thousand Villages, a nonprofit fair trade organization that works with independent artisans from around the world, who shared with us five easy ways to plan a sustainable wedding. And guess what? It turns out that it's not that difficult and, not only that, but you may also save money by opting for more eco-friendly options.


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